Valuable Grappa from Vicenza

In October will take place the 14th edition of "Open Distilleries" the historic exhibition dedicated to the discovery and tasting of fine brandies and spirits produced in the province of Berica
Quality Vicenza proposes for the early autumn - just in the first two weekends of October - the appointment with “Open Distilleries", a historical exhibition dedicated to grappa and traditional methods of distillation. The event will allow the visit of some distilleries in the area: five are the realities that will greet curious and lovers of all backgrounds to lead them, under the enthusiastic guidance of teachers of grappa, including still, hot boilers and intense aromas of grapes. For insights, trivia and anecdotes about the history and methods of distillation of spirits (and other) will be accompanied by a varied contour of tastings, which will give way to discover the wide range of spirits and distillates of Vicenza: a land that gives birth to young grappa, aged appreciated everywhere for their quality and for the immersive and intense taste, and it also boasts a fine production of fruit brandies. New this year is the "séances", playful moments where visitors will be able to test their knowledge with regard to spirits and grappa. www.vicenzaqualita.org


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