Vacation in Friuli with haute cuisine

Emanuele Scarello from Agli Amici at Godia; between restaurants of Grado Attias Tarlao; and finally the young Antonia Klugman: Vacation to Friuli with haute cuisine.
If the usually stew is boring, fresh and young chefs from Friuli Venezia Giulia will give new impetus to the palate. In anticipation of trips or holidays in Friuli, this is a journey of taste really sophisticated. Emanuele Scarello first, who runs in a very creative manner the restaurant Agli Amici at Godia, in the province of Udine (www.agliamici.it).  Since 1887 the restaurant is in his DNA and proposes an innovative cream cheese with smoked foie gras and jelly Picolit. A tightrope walker. Attias Tarlao is the prince of the lagoon in his tavern Androna a Grado (www.androna.it). Among the restaurants of Grado, the chef with the fish is a juggler of the fish taste, able to shape unique recipes: Cappuccino cuttlefish with black rice Venus, cream of asparagus and ginger mayonnaise. A poet. And like final sweetness here comes Antonia Klugmann of the Antico Foledor at Pavia of Udine (www.villalovaria.it). Twenty-eight Trieste of disarming skills creates the skewer of lamb with soup with celeriac puree and caramelized fennel. An Amazon. What are we expecting to try these young chefs recipes  in a breathtaking journey of taste?


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