Typical cuisine of Abruzzo in Milan

Milan restaurants? At Capestrano you can taste the cuisine of Abruzzo. We offer an example of a menu of 60 courses, which usually compose the gargantuan dinner of "la Panarda"
Among the outdoor restaurants in Milan, the Capestrano is a restaurant of Abruzzo transplanted in Milan. Upon entering, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and even better in the open space, a  open-air courtyard, theater of dinners and events with typical local products. The restaurant has recently arisen within a block of the early twentieth century in an emerging post-industrial area in the middle of Via Ripamonti (Milan). Currently the place serves as the Gourmet of Abruzzo pole in Milan, offering the cuisine of Abruzzo updated and lightened. The four dining rooms, rustic but elegant at the same time, are each entitled to one of the four provinces of Abruzzo, Pescara, Chieti, Teramo and Aquila. Dine in the courtyard of the restaurant - an area that during the summer season turns into the outdoor dining area - is very suggestive; the court is also the framework within which parties are held (as the traditional Panarda) themed events, which include the Abruzzi more traditional festivals dedicated to local products (such as roast meat or broad beans and pecorino cheese). Take part in a Panarda - feast of the fifteenth century which lasted several days, consisting of at least forty-course (for a maximum of sixty) of typical regional dishes - is quite extraordinary and certainly is an ordeal to get to the end. We offer a list of the most special dishes belonging to Panarda recently proposed to the Capistrano restaurant in Milan:
  • 1. Scampi with Angolino panzanella on the sea
  • 2. Shrimp with celery and Angolino apple on the sea
  • 3.  caprese skipjack Angolino
  • 4. Tartar cod Angolino on the sea
  • 5. Bruschetta with seafood Angolino on the sea
  • 6. Octopus with potatoes and peppers Angolino on the sea
  • 7. Cuttlefish and pancotto Angolino
  • 8. Adriatic Fish croquettes Angolino
  • 9. Seafaring Strudel Angolino
  • 10. The  crustacean candy  Angolino
  • 11. Toast with creamed codfish Lanterna
  • 12. The cream of chicory with cuttlefish Angolino
  • 13. Chickpeas at Loretese Lanterna
  • 14. Fracchia with the bastardoni Sant'Eufemia
  • 15. scrippelle m'busse Capestrano and Lanterna
  • 16. The turkey canzanese Zaami
  • 17. The artichokes Cupello in olive oil Sant'Eufemia
  • 18. the saffron risotto of Navelli Il Capestrano
  • 19. The decoction of Grandma Carmela Lanterna
  • 20. The loin fillet Tornareccio
  • 21. the ham pearl “perla della Majella”
  • 22. the sausage Frentano
  • 23. the liver sausage at  chietina
  • 24. the cup of olive oil Chiavaroli and lemon Lanterna
  • 25. The ventricina of Guilmi Il Capestrano
  • 26.  the omelette Pizzoferrato Il Capestrano
  • 27. The boiled egg Capestrano
  • 28. The offal Zaami
  • 29. the sweet ravioli Lanterna
  • 30. The ravioli with ricotta Zaami
  • 31. guitar lamb with ragu  Il Capestrano
  • 32. timballo Sant'Eufemia
  • 33. the chicken galantine Lantern
  • 34. The caponata Capestrano
  • 35. stuffed rabbit Sant'Eufemia
  • 36. The lamb with cheese and eggs Capestrano
  • 37. kid sour with lemon Zaami
  • 38. The Capistrano friarilli
  • 39. the pig Lanterna
  • 40. Salad Lanterna
  • 41. the decoction of herbs Majella Lanterna
  • 42. the ricotta with saffron Zaami
  • 43. The mozzarella Capestrano
  • 44. the tattered Agnone
  • 45. Pecorino of Atri
  • 46. caciocavallo Agnone Lanterna
  • 47. Pecorino Atri with chestnut honey
  • 48. the cetrone Capestrano
  • 49. The melon Capestrano
  • 50. pizza doce Lanterna
  • 51. amaretti Avezzano Il Capestrano
  • 52. the peschette Falcone
  • 53. the ferratelle Falcone
  • 54. the breezes Falcone
  • 55. the parrozzo Capestrano
  • 56. the tattooed with orange marmalade and chilli Zaami
  • 57. cantucci with blueberry Falcone
  • 58. the confetti of Sulmona Zaami
  • 59. cooked must sorbet Lanterna
  • 60. the piacerino Falcone



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