Truffle of Alba at the La maniera di Carlo

A rich menu of recipes with Alba truffles, white variety, created by chef Lorenzo Santi at the restaurant La maniera di Carlo in Milan
Its scientific name is Tuber magnatum pico but for lovers of fine cuisine is simply the "king of the table". We talk about the Alba truffle, white, high-quality varieties of truffles, made so by the pleasantly aromatic smell, the unmistakable color of the meat or white serf and yellow-gray, and with the smooth surface. A rare and desired "fruit" of the land, the protagonist of a special evening in one of the finest restaurants in Milan, La maniera di Carlo: The event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 with a menu created by the talented young chef Lorenzo Santi, capable to enhance the unique qualities of the white truffle of Alba, from appetizers to desserts. He debuts with Square egg with cocoa butter fondue on light Taleggio cheese, crispy bacon and Alba truffles and goes on with a classic dish: Homemade egg noodles with white truffle. The second is characterized by complexity: Padano pork fillet barded with bacon on mashed beans, Jerusalem artichokes and white truffle chips while the cake is the delicious Ice cream, warm eggnog and white truffle. The wines will be matched up to the precious ingredients. The names are those of Malvasia Az Agric. the Carpino, 2009, a scented white wine with a bouquet expressing the typical aroma of the grape and the wine Nebbiolo "Ca du Luin" 2007, a ruby red wine with a characteristic bouquet reminiscent of violets. www.lamanieradicarlo.it


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