Towards Classic Chianti. The pleasure of perfection

Travel in Chianti and the surrounding area to find many places where to find the formidable quality raw materials of the kitchen of Gaetano Trovato, restaurant chef architect Arnolfo Colle Val d'Elsa
If he wouldn’t be a chef, he would certainly have honored the profession of architect. Due the aesthetic sensibility that accompanies him on each culinary invention, the attention to detail, the love for "volume" are the ones that make each dish a masterful balance of shapes and colors. There are years that Gaetano Trovato cultivates his passion for architecture with visits to museums around the world, studying art books, interviewing famous designers: "They provide positive ideas for my creations - explains with enthusiasm and inexhaustible freshness the owner of the restaurant Arnolfo in Colle Val d'Elsa (SI), and adds - without forgetting that the kitchen is architecture that is consumed quickly but which transmits many emotions as a work of art." Concepts heard, not ostentatious, which have even dictated the choice of the name of this gourmet address, many times quoted on culinary guides: Arnolfo, compliments the Tuscan architect and  sculptor  Arnolfo di Cambio , native of in Colle Val d'Elsa, that participate in the late ‘200 on the construction of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. But the analogy with the medieval artist did not finish with the name, like that versatile person that restored the dignity to the architecture after the supposed dark ages, playing a key role in urban renewal and architectural heritage of Florence, the chef Trovato has updated content and textures of Italian cuisine with tests that first appeared daring, << but which now can easily be considered ordinary>> points him with modesty.


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