Tollo Winery: best winery cooperative in Europe

It's just been voted the best winery cooperative in Europe: among Abruzzo wineries, the Tollo Winery
The 2010 harvest at Tollo Winery begins under the best auspices. The harvest brings not only the harvesting of grapes - the first ones the Chardonnay to produce the "first wine” of the vintage, the September that anticipates even the new wine - but also an extraordinary recognition for the region and wineries in Abruzzo: the Tollo Winery election for the best cooperative winery in Europe, came from German publisher Meininger, the most important of all Germany for specialized publications. An extraordinary result for the exploitation of the many realities represented by the Italian wineries, internationally. On a national level, the surprise was great. If the ranking among the top 10 companies lead the way for the wineries of the North, with 4 cooperatives in South Tyrol, 2 of Trentino and one in Piedmont, with Tollo Winery the first place is for Abruzzo, in front of "jewels" as wineries from Trentino Alto Adige, as Terlano Winery and Cavit. A result of the Tollo Winery, the result of painstaking work that led in recent years to a true cultural project for the wine company's partners. www.cantinatollo.it


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