The two pearls of the Menabrea Brewery in Biella

The Beer Menabrea of Biella is now famous and popular in Italy and worldwide. Now is enriched with two excellent products, of the Top Restaurant Line.
Beer Menabrea presented the two new beers of the Excellence "Top Restaurant", devoted exclusively to high Italian restaurants. The two products are the new trends in haute cuisine that requires beers more linked to the concept of tasting, alternatives to wine during the entire course of the meal. The beer, then, as an "alive" drink that changes, evolves according to the demands of the target market. And it expresses the new ties with the food combining the harmony, the various dishes, based on their organoleptic characteristics and its strength. A true innovation in the long history of Menabrea Beer of Biella (BI). Indeed, the 3.5 ° Top Restaurant Blonde was produced following an ancient recipe made of rice. Low light blond beer, with golden color, slightly bitter taste which is associated with a malty aroma. Made with barley malt, rice, hops and light water of Biella Alps, goes well with pasta dishes, fish and poultry. It is recommended to consume at a temperature around 6 / 8 ° C. While the 7.5 ° Top Restaurant is absolute, the first Red Double Malt created by Menabrea Beer. Double Malt, with plenty of foam and persistent, dark red color. Structured body, and balance perceptible bitter and intense malty taste with spicy tones. Produced in the traditional Menabrea with corn, malt, hops, water, goes well with salmon, red meats and cheeses. It is recommended to consume at a temperature around 6 / 8 ° C. Info: www.birramenabrea.it


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