The Top Chefs Emerging from the South

The Award for Best Chef Emerging form the South is a wonderful opportunity to discover the best promises of the Italian cuisine of the south. Thanks to Luigi Cremona, Italiasquisita collaborator
This is how Luigi Cremona, Italiasquisita collaborator, describes the group of promising young chefs in southern Italy, which are flourishing nationwide. The regions considered for this ranking for the Award for Best Chef from the South: Puglia, Basilicata, Campania and Sicily. Leonardo Vescera, 37 years and his first work experiences were in Vieste. Then began his pilgrimage in the country bringing the Gargano always on the table: from  the “Torre dei Galluzzi” in Bologna, the restaurant “La frasca” from Castrocaro Terme, via the Eolian Hotel in the Aeolian Islands to the" Billionaire "and "Pepero" of Porto Cervo. After touring Europe, Leonardo returned to Italy and worked at the restaurant "Don Alfonso" in S. Agata dei Due Golfi. In Rome, he obtained his first Michelin star. Because of his experience was born in Vieste his restaurant “Il Capriccio”, located on the marina. (info@ilcapricciodivieste.it) Donato Episcopo, 35 years, is currently executive chef of the restaurant “Le quattro spezierie” of the five-star luxury hotel “Risorgimento Resort” (group Vestas) of Lecce. Donato has worked throughout Italy, for example at "La Pergola" of Hilton in Rome from which has begun his participation at the cookbook of the chef Heinz Beck, published in 2001. He loves strong flavors and the recipe submitted to the Prize, the pasta “Nbiscatae minerva crushed beans with mussels and cuttlefish sauce” triumphed in the jury. (info@risorgimentoresort.it) Agostino Iacobucci, 28 years, and is the chef in the restaurant “Casa Scola" in Meta. Its cuisine is a collection of traditions with modern features. His favorite allies are the extra virgin olive oil of the Sorrento peninsula, the Schito artichoke, the San Marzano tomatoes and Provolone of Monaco. "Elogio Campania" is the name of his dish, prepared during the Chef Award Emerging South. The ingredients? Scaroline di Castello and burned ricotta of Monti Lattari. (agostinoiacobucci@libero.it). Giampietro Albanese is the chef of the restaurant "Il Castagneto" of Roccamonfina. He is an expert of Caserta products in particular of the Lauticauda and of the black pig, as well as local cheeses and products like park chestnuts, mushrooms and dried fruit. Giuseppe Iannotti, 27 years, engineer and owner and chef of the restaurant "Kresios" in Castelvenere. If someone asks, "Your cuisine is simple?" He answers, "Absolutely not!” in spite of the fake culinary simplicity. Not by chance, after graduation of the catering school, Giuseppe is a graduate in computer engineering. In his kitchen there is a lot of attention to technique and the enhancement of regional products. "The egg Chicchiniello steamed in cocoa butter with asparagus and crispy bacon" is one of his dishes ... difficult! (Www.kresios.com) Giovanni Zichichi, 25 years, is the owner and chef of the restaurant "Nanni" in Trapani. Giovanni graduated from the Hotelier Professional Institute of Erice. Among the work experience as a chef, Giovanni has to his credit, the restaurant “Giardino Corallo” of San Vito Lo Capo, the restaurant “Ottoemezzo restaurant & lounge bar” and the Hotel Village “Calamancina” 4 star of San Vito Lo Capo Trapani .(www.ristorantenanni.it) Luca Cannizzaro, 29 years, is chef and manager of the restaurant “La Sirenetta” in Modica (RG) and had completed numerous culinary internships at provincial events. Among others: professional internships in local cuisine on the ship "Costa Allegra" on the Costa Cruise ship "Ausonia" of the company Grimaldi Cruises; at the “Jolly Hotel Atlanta” in Brussels and the “Jolly Hotel” in Catania. (manuelasirenetta@hotmail.it) Giuseppe Costa is the winner of Best Chef 2009 Emerging South. At only 28 years, Giuseppe has many professional experiences in Italy and abroad. He is currently the chef of the restaurant “Il Bavaglino” of Terrasini (PA). He worked at the restaurant “Il Baglio” from Scopello (TP); at the "Zur Rose" at Appian (BZ); and at the "Jolly Hotel du Grand Sablon” in Brussels. (www.giuseppecosta.com)


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