The third address of Pizzeria Spontini in Milan

After the historic Via Spontini (since 1953) and the latest place on street Papiniano opens in a great location on Via Marghera, the third address where you can enjoy delicious pizza Spontini
The pizza Spontini in Milan has been synonymous with quality: it is soft, but crispy at the base and baked in a wood oven. Yet its ingredients are no secret: Water of Milan, wheat flour milled 00, tomato pulp from Emilia, cow's milk mozzarella, anchovies and oregano, plus salt and pepper and extra virgin olive oil, while the pan is poured with soy oil on which the pizza sizzles (to create the crust "scrocchiarella”). The first day of summer, Monday, June 21th, in a fun way to celebrate this opening, from 17 to 21, Spontini offers a slice of pizza for free, of course, until the flour finish! A contemporary space Via Marghera and a kitchen with oven that can be seen, because nothing should be hidden by Spontini (from when you knead the flour when seasoned, baked and served), while giant black and white photos story "The Poetry of pizza”, the phases of the legendary steak. So, with a glance since the window on the street you can see this whole process. So this is another point of sale of the historic pizzeria where to lunch, aware of the authenticity of the product linked to the tradition of pizza by slice in Milan.


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