The tasty trio: Gelisia Tessa, Pianeta Mare, fish recipes!

Tessa, host of Pianeta Mare, presents her new book with very good fish recipes. Tessa, Pianeta Mare and the wonderful cuisine of the sea.
Gelisia Tessa is the now famous and popular host of Pianeta Mare. Her passion for cooking and culinary experiences on the Italian coast led her to create a recipe book very interesting, for the simplicity and issues closely related to the seafood cuisine. The book, La Cucina del Mare published by Rizzoli, tells fish recipes from a straightforward and easily perspective, without unnecessary effusion of style. The sauté Leccia with the scents of Liguria, Stuffed Anchovies, Sardines and Warbler, the Fish balls, Swordfish rolls at Messina and more and more taste. The recipes are related to a city, a country, to an area; every dish is told after a brief and interesting history of the place of geographical and cultural affiliation. Pianeta Mare and fish recipes, Tessa Gelisio and her love for the sea cuisine. “La Cucina del MareRizzoli Editore 255 pages 26 euro


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