The right wine for sushi and sashimi?

The red Tai Creorosso of the The Company Pignole and Shiro and Aka of the company Villa Matilde of Cellole are wines perfect for sushi.
What unites the sushi at the red Tai Creorosso? Here is the unusual combination of creative oriental dishes and wines of Azienda Agricola Le Pignole Vicenza in Brendola - Vicenza (www.lepignole.com). It is the ambition to dispel the cliché that does not want red wine with fish; modern cuisine calls for integration between cultures and sometimes likes to play with gourmet taste without losing the strong identity and quality of raw material. Sushi, Vietnamese rice flour triangles and crayfish tails with Thai red sauce combined with Tai Creorosso. A Korean fillet with Desmorosso Bordelais. A puff pastry filled with pastry cream and rice will be watered with sweet Santa Bertilla. Sushi and red wine can be incredibly complementary.  From the vineyards of Ager Falernus arise two other varieties of wine for Japanese Sushi: Shiro and Aka, the red and white wines produced by Fattoria Villa Matilde di Cellole, near Caserta, exclusively for the popular Japanese restaurant Kukai Naples. Wines from native and traditional Campania grapes designed to meet the tastes of sushi and sashimi. Aka is a blend of Aglianico and other old varieties designed to marry the local soups and sauces and pungent aromatic Japanese cuisine; it is a full-bodied red wine that goes well with dishes and condiments based on soy and sake. Shiro is a white, aromatic and rather persistent wine, produced with Falanghina grape and other bells ideal with the raw fish and rice, seaweed, eggs and shellfish. Wine for sushi? Finally here. Info: www.fattoriavillamatilde.it


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