The recipe for pizza of Enzo Coccia

Enzo Coccia is the owner of the tiny and charming pizzeria “La Notizia” in the homeland of this street food, Naples
Enzo Coccia is the owner of the pizzeria “La Notizia” - a tribute to the film "Citizen Kane" by Orson Wells - opened in 1995, in the Naples area between Vomero and Posillipo. The reputation of the place and of the culinary delights has grown exponentially in recent years and has helped to double the taste opening a second local also in Caravaggio, a place of small dimensions to maintain the warm and homely atmosphere  of the original ”La Notizia”. From this laboratory of the most typical Neapolitan street food pass aspiring pizza chefs of all nationalities and different professions, even a former Wall Street lawyer who, after the crisis has gone far before returning overseas to open a Naples pizzeria in New York. For the competence and professionalism we chose this key figure in the world of pizza in Naples, as a representative of the profession in the homeland of this ancient street food. There are many factors that contribute to the preparation of an excellent pizza: tradition, technology, experience, passion, quality of ingredients and time. This is fundamental to the success of dough that is not only palatable, but that is also digestible. With Enzo Coccia we speak about technical rules: after the initial phase of experimentation in search of the perfect recipe for Neapolitan pizza, it has now come to a balanced formula, an expression of care and sophistication in every phase of preparing this food. The Neapolitan pizza-maker during our conversation reveals some tricks of the profession, from the importance of the rising time necessarily out of the fridge - because the pizza was born before the invention of the freezer - for up to 14 hours, taking into account the outdoor temperature and humidity. The unit of pizza in La Notizia is the water, while the flour varies in proportion to the liquid. Another key factor is the link with tradition, such as the hand squeeze tomatoes of San Marzano, which remain faithful and deviate only in the testing of various ingredients, which, however, remain those typical of Campania, with special attention to the seasonal commodity. So do not head to the La Notizia with the intention to try a pizza bread, maybe with "friarielli and sausage" in a season other that the spring. However, it is the perfect destination if you want to eat Naples original pizza soft and tasty!


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