The recipe for pizza according to Simone Padoan

"L’arte della pizza di Simone Padoan" is an illustrated manual on Italy's most famous street food
“L’arte della pizza di Simone Padoan” allows you to take a journey through the flavors of street food in Naples. The book published by Gribaudo, written by Serena Dei, is a delightful journey through the variations of the recipe for pizza made daily by Simone Padoan at his restaurant “I Tigli” (www.pizzeriaitigli.it) in San Bonifacio (VR). The first part consists of an explanation that introduces the reader to the world of gourmet pizza, providing knowledge and revealing secrets about this ancient art, the choice of flour or baking powder to the selection of the other ingredients, from the types of dough to cooking methods. It continues in the second half with the most satisfying part for the eyes and mind (in preparation for the tasting itself): one after another, page after page, a slew of recipes, illustrated by photographs which seem to get the scent of the delicious pastries. It begins with the recipe for Neapolitan pizza, classic, traditional, wide range of recipes for innovative pizzas; just think of the one entitled "Swordfish tataki with black sesame and artichokes with orange"; and finally the focaccia recipe and something original like the recipes for “nostrano” cheeseburger. Moreover, for every precious culinary proposal is reported a match to wines and beers. “L’arte della pizza di Simone Padoan” Author: Serena Dei Publisher: Gribaudo 157 pages 24 euro


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