The Ramandolo and Picolit wine of Guido Bertolaso and Dario Coos

Guido Bertolaso retires and buys a share of the company Dario Coos, winery of Ramandolo and Picolit wine
Leaving the uniform of the Civil Protection, Guido Bertolaso chose to buy a share of the winery Dario Coos in Nimis, on the Ramandolo hills of Friuli. From the floods and the problems of environmental management in and around Naples, Guido Bertolaso has decided to become a winemaker and harvest Verduzzo and Picolit grapes. From these clusters is obtained Ramandolo wine, but also the precious Picolit wine. It is not a rumor or a gossip but, as reported by the online daily newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano (in an article by Camilla Conti), is absolutely true: on the 8th of October 2010 Guido Bertolaso purchased a small proportion (35 thousand euro) of the company of Dario Coos Nimis. It is a company that produces wines of the highest excellence from the 800s; were precisely the Coos to value and put in the bottle the first Ramandolo wine. It was the first wine in Friuli to obtain the DOCG, it is identified with the name rather than with the variety of Verduzzo Yellow Friuli. The harvest is done entirely by hand given the steepness of the terraces where vines are grown. Romantic vineyards in other words! Good luck then to Guido Bertolaso and to his new adventure in the world of Ramandolo wine.


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