The pasta carbonara of Paolo Parisi

The recipe for pasta alla carbonara of the super farmer Paolo Parisi. Pasta carbonara really gourmet!
Today the atmosphere is animalistic and so I want to match the song "Pigs" by Pink Floyd to the recipe for pasta alla carbonara of the super farmer Paolo Parisi. The song begins with the piggish grunts and then step forward to realize a "raw" pasta carbonara. Water to boil and hail container to start breeding the seasoning. I chop the parsley; I grated the Parmesan aged 4 years and add cream. One yolk for each person. Three drops of lemon and a little zest, and then start to mix. Pink Floyd, horsemen of the psychedelic rock, lovers of animals and creators of the album Animals in 1977. A masterpiece. Hogs and pigs in the text? Well, I take some smoked bacon and cut in thin julienne. I put them in the freezer quickly. I chop a bit of onion or garlic. The water boils, the grunts become insistent: hunger increases. I take some fresh egg noodles, threw them in the salt water and I will drain them after 2 minutes. Meanwhile, Pink Floyd enjoys their private zoo. I drain the pasta and I put it in the container where I mixed the egg yolks, the Parmesan, the cream, the parsley, the lemon zest and drops. I add the chopped onion or the garlic, raw. The Pink Floyds have greedy fangs. In this way I get exactly the effect "foam" of the pasta carbonara, mixing the paste to the mixture. I put the ham that will melt. A pinch of black pepper of Gianni Frasi. The Pink Floyd throw greedy on their recipe of pasta alla carbonara with ham. A glass of Barbaresco Tulin 2001 Pellissero, enveloping in the trough. Grunt grunt, were making the pigs to approve... Thanks to Paolo Parisi and to his blog for his "new and raw" recipe for pasta alla carbonara!


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