The origins of the rustic baba and not only

The interesting legends of the baba, the peposo and the tiramisu
It would be interesting to know, beyond the Neapolitan baba recipe, the peposo recipe or the recipe for tiramisu in the present, their origins, the legends that are behind the final formula that indicates today a specific dish. Quoting Davide Paolini on his blog “Il gastronauta”, we reveal some interesting legends that accompanied the evolution of peposo recipe, the recipe of tiramisu and the Neapolitan baba recipe. "The peposo is a kind of stew, spicy and covered with wine, especially rich in pepper. The legend tells that at the time of Brunelleschi during the construction of the Cathedral of Florence, the Impruneta workers cooking brick materials did use this recipe, using just the oven to cook it”. “The baba has a really bizarre story because its origin is attributed to the king of Poland, Stanislaus Leszczynsky which demoted and exiled, to alleviate his pain, decided to devote himself to sweets, changing the kugelhupt (the recipe is also on the Artusi): replaced the Madeira with rum. The name is controversial: some say comes from "baba" which means grandmother in Polish, and who claims to be based on "Arabian Nights" story loved by Stanislaus. In Naples, the baba seems to have arrived after the Bourbons sent a group of chefs in France to learn haute cuisine. " "Another good story is the tiramisu, indeed tiramesu: as the name suggests was used to raise forces, after the gallant adventures, in the red lighted house that stood near a bar in Treviso where this now widespread dessert was invented." www.gastronauta.it


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