The Muscat of Scanzo

A conference to tell the story of the smallest DOCG in Italy
On 10th of November 2010 at Palazzo Maestri a conference to tell the origin and future of the smallest DOCG in Italy, the Moscato Scanzo. The Moscato Scanzo is a rarity among the DOCG wines. The territory in which the grape is grown is only the one of Bergamo, in which the area of selection, Scanzorosciate (BG), is little more than a garden. Characterized by a rather loose medium cluster (better for drying), with thin skin, that of Scanzo is a black Muscat. Brought by the Romans, his presence in the area is documented by the middle of the '300s, probably derives from the crossing occurred naturally between a red and an aromatic (Malvasia or aleatico). Today its production is reduced but is experiencing a significant revival considering the great qualities of the wine. The three companies recommended by the guidance of Italian Wines 2010 by Gambero Rosso: The other companies in the consortium: www.consorziomoscatodiscanzo.it


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