The kosher food by Moni Ovadia

The kosher food told by Moni Ovadia. If you just need this phrase to describe the new culinary book published by Einaudi, “Il conto dell’ultima cena”, would be a crime against literature and against Euro-Middle East Jewish culture. We can define this manual as a pamphlet tending to vegetarian recipes, between the sacred and the profane of the Old Testament of the Jewish stories. The tradition of kashrut means foods that may or may not be eaten according to the strict rules of the Jewish Torah. From here the learned musician Moni Ovadia tells recipes, anecdotes and memories related to its culinary culture, Sephardic or Ashkenazi. From falafel to kid: the panegyric of the kosher kitchen has arrived, and is biblically very attractive. Word of Moni Ovadia. “Il conto dell’ultima cena” Published by Einaudi Italian Language 140 pages 16 euro


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