The Italian haute cuisine in Hong Kong

Second day of ICWS in Hong Kong: the Italy presents itself!
With still wearing the fatigue of the first full day of the congress Italian Cuisine World Summit in Hong Kong, I wake up in a city with perfect weather, 22 degrees, slightly windy, calm. The program includes several events these next few days, collectives and individuals: moments in which all participants meet to exchange information, to taste some piece of Italy, other times, however, organized in the various restaurants in the city, as well in Shenzhen and Macau, where the Master Chef arrived in Hong Kong, are guests of the resident chefs of each local for a specific presentation of a dish, a recipe or to sign a menu that stands alongside the usual evening proposal. The public meeting was held in the shadow of the tallest skyscraper in the City the West Hotel Kowloon, at the restaurant Joia, has been an Industry Workshop, during which the number of Italian companies that have accompanied the GVCI included in this conference could deal with all these cooks. The occasion was to look at each other, which, for many, was a first, by the virtual output that is always an opportunity to party. Also a way to thank the sponsors, all private, who allowed to itchefs-gvci to organize these 5 days without having to use public resources. During the presentation, Mario Caramella also received a plaque from the representative of the Academy of Italian Cuisine, a sort of twinning in recognition of the common path that the two groups are doing to our kitchen in the world. In the evening, along with some friends, among others Giovanna MarsonFranco Luise,Gianni FavroDario CongeraPaolo Alabiso, then reached by the President then Caramella, I went to dinner at a restaurant that housed the GVCI Odette Fada. I enjoyed the beautiful view from the terrace of the restaurant Isola of the group Gaia, on the bay illuminated by lights and colors of the metropolis is breathtaking and dinner at 2 hands with the resident Chef Gianni Caprioli has made us enjoy a very pleasant evening. I chose a Bresaola of tuna in paper and a Dentice in crazy water brought by Odette, who has left me in the mouth the taste of our country, so far, but present and lively in this part of the world. Our correspondent in Hong Kong Aldo Palaoro


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