The Imperia haute cuisine of the chef Andrea Sarri

Andrea Sarri of the restaurant Agrodolce carefully selects each ingredient in the kitchen restoring dignity to its territory and the work of many fishermen
Warm voice and dense look, the chef Andrea Sarri is actuating as a man that has the sea in his blood. Every morning he sea it before open the shutters of the Agrodolce restaurant, every afternoon he appreciates the benefits of the fish market a few steps away from the restaurant.Never yield to the lure of money carefully selects each ingredient in the kitchen restoring dignity to its territory and the work of many fishermen. And on the menu provides: "All the fish we have chosen and it is only open sea fish". Promises that reveal the philosophy of Agrodolce: only high quality raw materials, processed with excellence and rigor, enhanced by the extreme precision of the cooking and original combinations, never forced. The menu changes often, chasing the garden and the market, but the basic ingredients of the cuisine of Andrea Sarri are, according to the chef, always the same: “extra virgin olive oil, fish, seasonal vegetables and linearity”. Hence the careful selection of suppliers, from the fish only from the local market to the oil produced in a small farm, through the vegetables grown in the garden of the family. And then small farmers for the supply of meat, pasta factory such as Setaro pasta, consortium of local farmers for raising vegetables and unique brand slowfood. And still the farm Giordano for the extra virgin olive oil, the Oberto butcher for meat, the dairy Frabosa Soprana from which come the yellow butter and the selection of mountain cheeses such as Mountain toma, Raschera, the bra and other varieties of cheese from sheep milk. While from Marino Mill of Marino Felice he buys all organic flours and wheat grain with which he prepare fresh pasta at home, and the legendary Ligurian focaccia bread. Agrodolce Via des Geneys 34
18100 Oneglia (IM) Tel. +39 0183 293702 Fax +39 0183 293702 www.ristoranteagrodolce.it


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