The haute cuisine at the La gazza ladra, Modica

Interview with Accursio Craparo, student of Leemann and Alajmo, chef of La gazza ladra in Modica
The professional path of the Chef Accursio Craparo has as basic idea the "live and share" a cuisine made with the fruits of his homeland. A constant research that performs combing high quality products from all over the island territory of its region. Yeah, I emphasize "all the territory" because the haute cuisine of the chef of La gazza ladra in Modica covers the whole Sicily: from the mountain cuisine of the place where we find the restaurant, to the cooking of Sciacca seafood, hometown of Craparo. He explains that the creation of many dishes is longed from the raw materials themselves, in the moment when he first taste them, you can taste as never occurred before, evoking memories of childhood. Memory, in fact, play an important role in structuring the cuisine of Accursio Craparo, whose pedestals is the cuisine, that of the mother or grandmother. This goes well with another crucial element: the cultural baggage of raw materials processing techniques, which has enriched thanks to the teachings of the masters Pietro Leemann of Joia, Milan, and Massimiliano Alajmo of the Restaurant Le Calandre, Padua. From the lessons of his two great masters delivers sensitivity on natural ingredients and the lightness and delicacy of the dishes. The interpenetration of these elements leads to a traditional kitchen updated with a new form, but unaltered in taste. Finally, there is revealed a secret about a typical product of Modica: the Modica chocolate was originally used in salty dishes. So in his exciting recipes, a couple of years ago introduced in the  menu a old recipe, reworked, based on rabbit and cocoa, finding the balance between sweetness of the meat and the bitterness of the exotic origin product. www.ristorantelagazzaladra.it


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