The Golosario 2011, guide of the wine and food of Italy

It was published “Il Golosario"2011, guide of the culinary excellence of Italy, by Paolo Massobrio
It was published “Il Golosario, guida alle cose buone d’Italia” (The Golosario, guide of the good things in Italy), 2011, guide of food and wine in Italy, by Paolo Massobrio, also organizer of the event Golosaria. Practical manual with regard to the food and wine tourism in our country, more than 1,000 pages that tell the story and the peculiarities of 1,300 producers of quality divided between microbreweries, vinegar making, roasters, chocolatiers, artisans of the cake, dairies, fruit and vegetable producers, producers of liqueur, producers of jams and marmalades, beekeepers, producers of bread and flour, pasta and rice processing, fish processing, meat processing, producers of delicacies. The Golosario is not a book to be kept in the library, but a volume to keep close at hand, not only finding a restaurant that deserves a visit, but also to scour gourmet stores or gourmet shops in the heart of a city or in the open campaign, or stay on a farm that makes culture of taste. In addition to pastries, ice cream shops, butchers, delis, delicatessens, inside the guide are the wineries open year-round and the craft microbreweries. The Golosario can represent, in effect, the sum of 5 guides: the guide of the best products (meats, cheeses, pastries, cakes, liqueurs, etc...) and of the shops, that of the oils by Maurizio Pescara, the wine guide and wineries, and finally the restaurant guide tried by Paolo Massobrio. And, new this year, the output on iPhone and iPad of the new “Guida ai ristoranti del Golosario” (Guide to restaurants Golosario) (with 1,800 records). “Il Golosario, guida alle cose buone d’Italia” Author: Paolo Massobrio Publisher: Comunica Edizioni – le Guide di Papillon 25 euro 1019 pages www.clubpapillon.it


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