The GAS for a joint shopping

The GAS (groups of joint spending) are formed by people, friends, neighbors, gathered together for shopping in a critical and conscious way
We have  talked already about this network of GAS groups, starting from the joint purchase - from small producers and from other group members – of organic food, now it is also reached the "no food" and, from a couple of years they are working on the project of collective purchase of electricity. We decided to call again the interesting initiative, because Michele Bernelli and Giancarlo Marini published in April 2010 the book "The other expenditure. Eat like the market would not want "(Published by Ambiente). A good "manual" to understand what are the GAS, beginning to feel the convenience related to safety, reliability of small producers, and release from the alienate ritual of shopping in supermarkets, made without qualitative assessments; also the book contains information on "how to form a". www.retegas.org


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