The cuisine of Don Alfonso 1890

Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi Ernesto Iaccarino is among the restaurants of Sorrento Peninsula, a journey into modern Mediterranean cuisine.
The kitchen of the family Iaccarino and of their Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi is well defined. Among the restaurants of Sorrento, in a nineteenth century Neapolitan cooking context, the induction hotplates and ovens with probes accompany the party with real enthusiasm Mediterranean dishes. Here is the key word of the heir Ernesto Iaccarino:  a modern Mediterranean cuisine. It would be simplistic to call it "local cuisine" because it would be a snub to everything around him and that is inside, this designation means minimizing the work of centuries of history like ours, the hard work and imagination of thousands of artisans who create dream Buffalo mozzarella. The Mediterranean identity instead is based on the Mediterranean diet, the use of fibers in the kitchen that assimilate fats, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. The concept of "modern" should be understood as in the ability to anticipate trends. Don Alfonso 1890 did just that: made the Neapolitan and Camania tradition, and turned it into art of gourmet cooking! The baby squid stuffed with smoked cheeses with warm soup with ginger flavor is new in the matching, but ancestral from generations. The Paccheri Gragnano with cheese, pepper and redfish enhance the matching fish-lactic. Then the poem comes with Spaghetti with oysters, green tea and white truffle, soup with crab and sea urchins felon, cod crusted with pistachios and chili sauce.And yet to the superb Grouper croquettes with hints of vanilla and ginger sabayon anchovy, which fills the atmosphere of sea passion. And finally the desserts, ranging from puffs to baba, passing throw true scents of the earth, that of Sorrento lemons and peaches of the garden. Cornucopias of flavors that do not only make you enjoy, but also make culture. The culture of the mythical founder, Alfonso Iaccarino, the young heir Ernesto Iaccarino, of Marco, Livia and their incredible "Don Alfonso 1890”. www.donalfonso.com


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