The craft beer in the South

Luca Celoria of VoppeBeer recommends us the best bottles of beer in South Italy, citing the most interesting craft breweries.
After speaking of the best beer in Toscana, in Lombardy, in Rome and surroundings, and Piedmont, the trip ItaliaSquisita within the craft beer and the best craft breweries in Italy continues with the expert Luca Celoria of VoppeBeer (site). His knowledge of the best labels across the Peninsula made him tell us the best bottles of beer in South Italy, of course, also citing the craft breweries that produce them. A brewery, a few tips on the best beers. Thanks to Luca we can go henceforth to enjoy good beer even in the warm South of Italy!
  • Tuvi Tuvi - Barley, Maracalagonis (CA) www.barley.it Blonde Ale fragrant and well-hopped, very refreshing.
  • Farrotta – Almond 22, Spoltore (PE) www.birraalmond.com Beer with barley, coriander aroma and slightly tart, very good.
  • Noscia – Maltovivo, Capriglia Irpina (AV) www.maltovivo.it Award-winning IPA, a very bitter beer, very engaging.
  • Ninco Nanco - Br'Hant Brewery Lucano, San Nicola of Pietersburg (PZ) www.birrificiolucano.it Belgian Blond Ale produced with Lucan malts, well-hopped and drinkable.
  • Scottish Ale - Il Chiostro, Nocera Inferiore (SA) www.ilchiostro.net Scottish style Beer, very clean beer, round and pleasant.
  • Marilyn - Karma, Alvignagno (EC) www.birrakarma.com Blonde Ale made with English hops very delicate.
  • Imperium - Svevo, Bari www.birrificiosvevo.it Consistent porter, well-made, toasty notes of coffee.
  • Koelsch – Saint John’s Bier, Faicchio (BN) www.saintjohnsbier.com Style of Cologne, cloudy ale produced also with wheat.
  • L'Oro di Napoli - Maneba, Striano (NA) www.birramaneba.it Blonde Ale well made, balanced and very pleasant.
  • Syrentum – Sorrento, Sant’Agnello (NA) www.birrificiosorrento.com Blonde Ale flavored with star anise, coriander and lemon zest of Sorrento PGI.


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