The "carpe diem" kitchen of Mauro Uliassi

Mauro Uliassi of the restaurant Uliassi in Senigallia (AN) is a chef who loves the idea of "carpe diem", the haute cuisine of the moment.
To dedicate the mind and body to the tasting menu of Mauro Uliassi of the restaurant Uliassi in Senigallia (AN) is lawful and proper. His is a high modern kitchen, because he lives in contemporary, like the GamberoRosso, shallots jelly and fresh pine nuts, but lives and ferments in the spirit of the Mediterranean tradition. His gastronomic philosophy is pure and simple sense of freedom in a culinary concept on this time and now, in the precise moment when the mind of the chef focuses on the message. Get carried away by the tsunami Cold Crab Juice with Shellfish means remember the first wave in the face when it was small when the mouth is overwhelmed by the salt water of the sea. The power of the instant taste, like the overwhelming flood that in a few moments outperforms feelings. The same goes for the woodcock, which can be cooked and eaten only when the luck of the fact it allows the capture. It is the cuisine of "carpe diem", of the "Seize the moment" and of the experience the moment and sucked up to the root, the eternal return of the German philosopher Nietzsche. "A dish for me is the ultimate technique expression of the cultural background. The knowledge of the campaign, children, the sea and its creatures are elements that must be handled with technicality and creativity, the imagination must be used to develop the tradition. I and many friends as Chef Massimo Bottura, Davide Scabin, Massimiliano Alajmo, Moreno Cedroni, want just that, come galloping into the new modern kitchen, one made of freedom and of the instant expression of the dramatic moment." The dish Raw Marche beef meat, the pear with brandy and cheese is the tradition that courts the innovation, flavor of the area that becomes artistic and futuristic gimmick. The sweet creamy mascarpone biscuit with olive oil, rhubarb, beetroot and balsamic vinegar ice cream is a dish that reveals the intellectual value of the chef. Angels and Demons, technique and feeling, brain and madness: Mauro Uliassi of the restaurant Uliassi in Senigallia loves to play with his kitchen "carpe diem", a kitchen that lives in the present and triggers instant pleasures, but from a moment to another change, like the tradition renew from thousands of years without the slightest care for the future. www.uliassi.it


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