The book about the restaurant Savini in Milan

The book "Historical Places, Savini," tells us about the restaurant Savini in Milan and his Milanese cuisine. Matteo Torretta instead tells his creative cuisine.
For the ones who hang out in the historic restaurants of Milan, is well known that a dinner at the restaurant Savini is not only an opportunity to taste the cuisine of Milan, but is also an experience of art and culture. Located in the center, right in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, now is managed by Matteo Torretta: young and creative comes from stared experiences in Spain and now has the task to guide the Savini to its former glory. The new book of Reed Business “Historic sites, Savini” is a very interesting photographic guide, which includes the history, the environment and the kitchen of the restaurant. The imaginative recipes of haute cuisine of the creative Matteo Torretta perfectly compliment the monumental environment of the Savini restaurant. Milan in all its goodness, in about 200 pages of beautiful images. “Locali Storici, Savini” Reed Business Information Italian Language 207 pages 78 euro


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