The beautiful and good Alba Truffle Fair 2010

The Alba truffle seen in all its forms at the eightieth Truffle of Alba Fair. From 9th October to 14th November 2010, in Alba, of course!
Eighty years have passed since the first Truffle Fair in Alba, but the power with which the audience meets every year is always the same. From 9th of October to 14th of November 2010 in particular, the love for the white Alba truffle is always passionate and refined to its ultimate fragrance. But also the whole context of the Truffle Festival, Alba, people, dogs truffles, excellent products based on truffles are nice elements of this world of the undergrowth. But the White Truffle Festival in Alba is more than one occasion: is the synthesis of Alba, contained in his “gray diamond”. The logo designed for the 2010 edition, the eightieth in fact, says it all. The number 80 is printed in big, to remember, the green of which is colored represents the wood of Langa and Roero, and raises the issue of the environment, the importance of the ecosystem for the survival of the White Truffle of Alba and the need to protect biodiversity. But it is more, for who knows how to look. There are, not surprisingly, the Italian flag colors. And they are read like a national anthem, sung in unison for a great, the Tuber magnatum Pico, from 80 years Alba Ambassador in the world. The Truffle Feast in Alba, the truffle festival in Alba, or the real Truffle Fair in Alba: call it how you want, the important thing is to taste the mythological fruit of the earth most good on Earth! Information and program details: www.fieradeltartufo.org


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