The Alba truffles of Enrico Crippa

In the heart of the Langhe, Alba precisely, the chef Enrico Crippa and the Ceretto family have created a place for tasting really interesting: the restaurant new-stared Piazza Duomo. To not try it would be a sacrilege! Divided into two very different spaces, the Piola with a more traditional kitchen and the restaurant where all the creativity of the chef is artfully presented, Piazza Duomo stands as a bulwark to the defense of real food and wine cultivated in Piedmont. Originally from Viganò Brianza, Enrico Crippa worked in Japan, then with Michel Bras and Ferran Adrià, two idols of contemporary cuisine, and the results are evident: his research in testing always comes to seize the essence of taste, without exceeding the threshold excess. Refinement and true taste, one might say, a swing that swings between the more traditional free-ranging territory and almost maniacal imagination. His research is directed toward the typical products of the Langa, for first the truffles of Alba, white and fine, adding effervescence color, flavor associations and almost artistic technical presentations. He is a poet of Langa! The restaurant should be visited in autumn or winter, as it is at that moment that Enrico Crippa highlights the best local produce. Absolutely you have to try the rice, mushrooms and star anise, creative dishes based on Alba truffles and cheeses, a true cornucopia of the territory. Enrico Crippa, the truffle of the thousand surprises.


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