The 211 vegetarian recipes of Antonio Scaccio

Vegetarian cuisine is synonymous with renunciation, tasteless and uninviting meals? Absolutely not and it is shown by the 211 recipes for all tastes, from starters through the first and seconds dishes of vegetables and desserts, collected by chef Antonio Scaccio in his latest book “Cucina Vegetariana Golosa”. The recipes of Antonio Scaccio, many of which are inspired by the flavors of Sicily, are able to reach agreement between the lovers of good food with healthy food enthusiasts. His dishes have intense colors and flavors and are the result of culture and experience acquired over time, with a clear homage to his native land, enabling him to review but not change the island's famous dishes like caponata, the arancini and the cassata. Dishes that the chef frequently prepare for the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who have the preface of the manual, using also the delicious Amedei chocolate. “Cucina Vegetariana Golosa” Tecniche Nuove 320 pages EUR 29.90


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