Tenuta Sant'Antonio: the challenge of Castagnedi Verona

The great challenge of the Brothers Castagnedi: traditional varieties up to 350 meters in Verona, for a Valpolicella and an Amarone that will reach your heart. A great family in search of the highest quality.
The brothers Castagnedi, of the Tenuta Sant'Antonio, the Valpolicella true atypical, produce at 350 meters of height in calcareous soils. They are a small company but they sale in 30 countries worldwide, they start a few years ago and they have already imposed on the international scene: the portrait of a new generation of wine entrepreneurs, cosmopolitans and innovators in the quality of their products. In addition to Valpolicella, the Amarone is considered, so to say, unusual. The smell and appearance are not those to which trained palates are accustomed. Blame the calcareous soil and the 350 meters of height, on which the vines grow, a record for the territory of Verona were is typically grown much further downstream. But it is also "the fault" (if one can speak of guilt) of a temperature that in the last months of ripening of the grapes makes the sugars of the day be consolidated at night, keeping the acids and flavors of the grape. So the Amarone, like other products of the Sant 'Antonio takes unusual spicy fragrance: hazelnut, walnut, sometimes licorice ... A Verona Amarone and a Valpolicella that will not leave you indifferent ... To cultivate a particular plot so you don’t have to born winemaker, rather than winegrower, in the purest sense of the word. A winemaker would dismiss out of a land with such characteristics. In contrast, Castagnedi brothers, who for years have followed the well-tended rows of vineyards of Tuscany, Sicily, Lazio, saw Monti Garbi in an area of enormous potential. Certainly sometimes suffer hardly, assimilating some elements, they must become independent and find their balance. The challenge of Monti Garbi, hill at the crossroads of three municipalities Illasi, Mezzane and Colognola ai Colli, in the area of Valpolicella DOC, where up to 89 there were no roads, no water, no electricity, is also given by a lower production than the classic areas of Valpolicella. But the quality and uniqueness of the wines produced are giving reason to the Castagnedi. The awards are:for example the 93 rating of Robert Parker and the three glasses of Italian Wines Guide to Amarone Campo Dei Gigli 2004. As well as the market response: the company sells in over 30 countries around the world thanks to first-person work Armando Castagnedi, the globe trotter of the company, accustomed to the intercontinental travel and dealing with the world's most demanding buyers in terms of quality and price, able to sense the trends of the wine world. "You have to realize - hopes Armando Castagnedi, owner with his brothers Paolo, Tiziano and Massimo - that the quality of products is also a consequence of the protection of their good name and prestige." "For this - continues Castagnedi - I hope that the system is able to withstand the challenges of international crisis, avoiding the Chimeras of overly aggressive pricing policies that should be at the expense of the prestige of our productions, the whole system and, ultimately, I suspect, also product quality.” With over 80 hectares, a growing number of bottles, all made from the own production, a plant for refining in San Zeno Colognola, the small company is going to be great, reassuring as well as on product quality , also on service to clients who are mostly restaurants, wine bars, wine shops.


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