Tasting Workshop of Zago Craft Beer

Tasting Workshop with the blend of malt Zago in Venice, Tuesday, June 22nd
The blending of cultural influences inherent in the Venetian culture - the region that was once a crossroads of trade and exchange of ideas and costumes - is evident, not only artistically, but also at restaurants. Many dishes belonging to the tradition identify the gastronomic heritage of Venice, each with its own story and many memories to resurface. There is so much material from which to draw inspiration to tell the wealth of this culinary tradition: the latest authoritative contribution is that of David Paolini, connoisseur and lover of food wonders of our country, which in collaboration with Giancarlo Saran published “The Gastronaut in Veneto”. The book will be presented Tuesday, 22nd June 2010 in Venice, during an exceptional event organized by ZAGO the company of Prata of Pordenone that for over thirty years has been producing handmade quality malt cuvees. The main protagonists will be the products of Zago, presented directly by the manufacturer, the brew master Mario Chiaradia: pioneer of craft beer in Italy, since 1978 is responsible for spreading the brewing culture in Italian restaurants. The Malt Cuvees ZAGO are extraordinary beers: artisanal and non-pasteurized, are the result of the process thirty of years of research, experience and passion for high quality. Real "living Beers” rich of selected yeasts: each Malt Cuvees Zago is unique because it contains live yeast naturally fermented, to fully unsurpassed mature flavors and fragrances. During the meeting of Tuesday, June 22nd, plus the ability to taste the cup of the Cuvees of malt, you can also try the classic Venetian cicchetti revisited using ZAGO craft beers as an ingredient. So it is expected that this day organized by Zago will be a very special day that celebrates the world's oldest beverage and the culinary history of Venice.


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