Take it "Easy": mineral water by San Benedetto

It is "easy" the first bottle of mineral water "carbon neutral" of San Benedetto. A product which falls into the company's environmental mission and vocation.
You do not need a master's degree in ecology to realize that every day we cause damage to the ecosystem to which we belong. In this age of environmental disasters, there are those who not only attempt a metaphysical ecology. "Easy" is the first result of the trail started in 2009, with the signing by the company of Mineral Water San Benedetto and the Italian Ministry of Environment of a voluntary agreement to promote joint projects aimed to the analysis and neutralization of climate impact of bottled water. The agreement had two main objectives shared: ensuring mineral water "carbon neutral”, contributing significantly to achieving the goals of Kyoto Protocol by Italy, with a reduction of 6.5% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 2012 and build a "model" for the virtuous mineral water sector, profoundly attached to a primary natural resource. A very significant corporate mission, whose implementation process began with the launching of a program of joint actions for the "accounting" of CO2 emissions by sector San Benedetto Mineral Water Spa Scorzè (Venice). The collaboration agreement has enabled the company to operate effectively in the ranking of bottled mineral water as "carbon neutral", and the Ministry to identify the standard method of calculating carbon footprint for its neutralization. The "Easy" project identifies interventions aimed to reduce carbon content in the bottled water industry and the environmental management system of "carbon footprint”, aims to minimize the carbon footprint, precisely in relation with the major consumption of resources that determine emissions of greenhouse gases.


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