Tajine recipe by Bruno Barbieri

The book “Tajine senza frontiere” ("Tajine without borders"), written by Bruno Barbieri, published by Bibliotheca Culinaria collects not a recipe prepared with tasty tajine, but a twenty-eight proposals
Chef Bruno Barbieri of the restaurant “Arquade” of the elegant Chateau Relais Villa del Quar in Pedemonte (Verona) is the author of “Tajine senza frontiere”, published by Bibliotheca Culinaria. Not a tajine recipe but a collection that breaks down all culinary barriers. The word "tajine" evokes the Moorish kitchen, filled with spicy aromas and flavors. But do not be fooled by the exotic sound of the word! This pottery with a singular form is able to cook wonderful dishes that go beyond the stereotype and do not require a marriage with the couscous. Armed with this instrument and the usual enthusiasm for experimentation, Bruno Barbieri has created twenty-eight tajine recipes showing that a wide variety of meats, fish and birds may be enhanced by cooking them in the tajine. “Tajine senza frontiere”  offers tasty combinations of flavors to take on all tables: Fregula and eggplant, Capunsei and tomatoes, mushrooms and sausage, olives and salt cod, beef and chicory, duck and figs, and many others. “Tajine senza frontiere” ("Tajine without frontiers") Bibliotheca culinaria Italian Language 63 pages EUR 13.90


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