Smartbox: new ideas for gift boxes

Two beautiful gourmet gift ideas, Smartbox signed: "La Grande cucina italiana " and " Soggiorno di vino”
The Ethos Group, Lombard Company with four successful restaurants in Lombardia and Smartbox, the European leader in the gift boxes, today announced a partnership that involves the insertion from September 2010 of two tasty menus inside gift boxes "Great Italian food" and "Taste the World ", released in the updated version. The box set “The Great Italian cuisine” offers a dinner for two at one of 60 selected restaurants throughout Italy. Signature dishes from chefs, recipes, sumptuous and elaborate but also simple and tasty, giving tribute to a tradition known all over the world, that of Italian cuisine. The casket Smartbox "Taste the World" offers a wide selection of 80 Argentines, Brazilians, Mexicans, Russians restaurants, sushi bars and trattorias to tickle the imagination and awaken the senses of the most curious and eager to explore new culinary horizons. From September, by choosing one of the two boxes you can give a menu for two people to enjoy at the restaurants Grani&Braci, Acqua e Farina, Risoamaro e Sanmauro, of the Group Ethos, offering dishes prepared with raw materials of good quality and in compliance with the Group philosophy (Dietagift, healthy food and organic products). There also on the market other Smartbox, fun gift ideas. Among these " Soggiorno Di Vino " is a unique opportunity for wine lovers: it offers the possibility to choose among 70 Italian wineries and farmhouses where you can sample the great white, red, rosé, sparkling wine or liqueur, immersed in the richness of the Italian countryside. The Relais Di Vino in Monforte d'Alba, the Castello di Monsanto in Barberino Val D'Elsa and the farm Torre Gaia Wine Resort in the province of Benevento are some places where you can enjoy and learn the secrets of the nectar of Bacchus. The elegant gift box includes an overnight stay for two with breakfast and wine tasting. www.smartbox.com/it www.gruppoethos.it


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