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The Italian wines were selected by Slow Food Publisher and incorporated into the new wine guide Slow Wine 2011
It was presented in Turin, the new Slow Wine Guide 2011, published by Slow Food. Were present, along with collaborators, the curators, Marco Bolasco, editorial director of Slow Food, Carlo Petrini, president of Slow Food, Roberto Burdese, president of Slow Food Italy. After a short preview of “Rupi del vino”, the new documentary that the film director Ermanno Olmi dedicated to Valtellina, it was the turn of Marco Bolasco, who stressed the main characteristics of Italian wine guide: no scores and a description in addition to that of the wines, to the men, their philosophy, their vineyards. A story in the world of Italian wines and the reality behind the production, with the aim of reaching an audience as broad as possible. For this reason, Slow Wine Guide 2011 will be available soon as an application for the iPhone and by the end of January, in electronic format in English. Some suggestions for reading this guide Awards for Wineries:
  • Snail: symbol of Slow Food, assigned to a winery liked in a special way for the way it interpret the value (sensory, spatially, environmentally and identity) in line with the association
  • Bottle: recognition awarded to companies who have expressed a high average quality on all bottles
  • Currency: those wineries that have made a variety of labels by the excellent relationship between quality and price
Honors for wine:
  • Slow wine: bottles with a high organoleptic quality, which are able to condense in the glass territorial, historical and identity values to be made known to readers
  • Great Wine: bottles with high organoleptic quality
  • Daily Wine: products costing up to € 10 in wine shops, the excellent relationship between quality and price


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