Shallot Festival in Riolo Terme

In Riolo Terme, from 15th to 18th of July 2010, there will be an exhibition of the Shallots of Romagna (PGI), to celebrate but above all to eat them
In the “Land of Faenza”, in the hills in the province of Ravenna, the taste is at home and in the summer there are numerous festivals, fairs and events dedicated to good food and good wine. One of the most interesting and original is linked to the PGI Shallots of Romagna being celebrated and above all eaten in Riolo Terme during the traditional festival dedicated to it, from 15th to 18th of July. Shallots, which is neither garlic or onion - characterized by white and purple color and wrapped in a different color skin from copper to reddish - has multiple uses in the cuisine of Romagna from the leaves harvested when still green and finely chopped, excellent for seasoning salads (tomato, lettuce, chicory, boiled potatoes, etc. ...) to the fresh bulbs, trimmed of their outer skin, cuted into slices to flavor dishes, giving them a slightly spicy taste. In the central streets of the town of Riolo Terme will be the market of Shallots of Romagna where there will be producers of this delicacy. In addition to restaurants of the region, that will suggest dishes with Shallot that will be set up a food stand in a small market, entirely dedicated to the little bulb, with rich theme menu. You can eat: flowers of spring onions and shallot sauce, noodles with shallots, scallion polenta with meat sauce, Florentine tartare ostrich with shallot, mutton sausage with shallots, fried shallots, to mention only some of the dishes that will be proposed. And every evening will be filled with music, shows and entertainment, meetings and conferences.


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