Seeking bloggers? At the FoodiesinMi the food bloggers are the super winners

The eclectic story of FoodiesinMi , appetizing meeting of food bloggers at the aperitif in Milan. The food blogs and the recipes blogs have no more secret!
Aperitifs, Milan. Burning desire to taste the fine delights, but this time accompanied by true experts of taste: the food bloggers. The venue for this is Demetria (www.demetria.it), in Porta Romana, and the event is called "FoodiesinMi”. Because of my chromosomes, I am late with my tasting mate Francesca, while others are already happily chewing and away from sobriety. I join the party. Among the first glasses of Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOC form the Vedova Winery, I find that food bloggers, in addition to their enthusiasm for the virtual kitchen, have also a face. The phrase "Wanted blogger" finally has a body, two hands, bright eyes and a brain. While I step to Fiano Gazza Ladra Puglia IGT of the Saint Lucia Winery, I see Federico and Dan LernerI that are discussing the love and groceries, as if it were news. Then begins the rondo of physical presentations, accompanied by their culinary battle: the creators of the event Jasmine&Manuel (Labna), Manuela (FiordiVanilla), Chiara (MadeinKitchen), Annarita (Liquida), Sonia e Deborah (GialloZafferano), Luca (The Street Foodie), Sonia (Sonia nel Paese delle Stoviglie), Serena (Fragole e Zafferano), Arianna (Altezzosa e poco loquace), Alessio (SocialMilano), Gaietta (Shake&Bake), Gloria (Lavanda in Terrazza), Cey (Sostorta), Miriam (Il Sergente Pepe), Paola (Paolina), Valentina (Voglia di dolci), Alice (Food Couture) and the fleeting Barbara (Chez Babs) and Lydia (Tzatziki a colazione). All of them are undoubtedly fans of taste, of the stories gastro intellectual, of the loves in yeast, blogs of sweet recipes, culinary secrets of the soul, the terrestrial tasty globe and everything related to the communication of food & wine. Together we tasted hazelnuts aromatized with curry and basil, a potato cake flavored with thyme and bacon, chicken kebabs and curry, Minicaprese trap a portion and chips of focaccia. Light moments of goodness, which solace the heart while the talk became gradually more and more intriguing and festive. The "drunks" centrifuged fruits with ginger and strawberry refreshed the skin. It was a great adventure known organic molecules of persons that normally can be received only through the computer dry screen! Food blogs, food bloggers, sweet recipes blogs, blogger wanted: all the words that finally have a meaning even psychosomatic. Thank you all, next time the banquet will be enthralling to Rita, Fumagalli 1? We look forward to a comment.


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