Sbirro, the Menabrea beer cheese of Biella

The Botalla Cheese has created a Menabrea beer cheese of Biella.
Born from the experience and Biella craft excellence, Sbirro is the result of a collaboration between dairy Botalla Cheese and Menabrea Beer of Biella, companies that share a passion for the tastes and flavors of the area to enhance and reinvent, in addition to being "live across" in the center of town: on the one hand, the cheese curing cellars and on the other the tanks for beer fermentation. The original cheese is made by hand, with the milk of Biella Pezzata Rossa of Oropa and Bruna Alpina and with the Menabrea beer, who won for two consecutive years the award for best "Pale Lager" in the world. The natural aging in the cellar helps Sbirro to have its unique flavor. The Botalla Cheese, now led by the brothers Andrea, Simona and Stefano Bonino, with their father Sandro and mother, Maria Teresa, was born in the forties in the foothills of Biella. The passion and dedication for this work led the family Bonino to maintain the tradition of a profession that takes care of the cheese in all its stages, from establishment to maturation. The products Botalla, therefore, arise from a choice aimed for typical cheese and for the quality of cheese. The stay in the maturing cellars for a period of time ranging from 60 to over 180 days, allowe craftsmen of Botalla to refine the product line, enhancing the natural features. Info: www.botallaformaggi.com


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