Rise in Perugia: the Pinocchio Inn

No lie: in late June at the Pinocchio Inn in Perugia will be guaranteed quality food and fun
At the end of June opens in Perugia the Pinocchio Inn. Innovative dining propose in Italy, the first of its kind, created on a combination of food and game to respond to the need of adult relaxation and good taste and healthy food, fantasy and lightheartedness of children. It is completely inspired by the tale of Pinocchio, by the characters and the symbols, the gastronomic proposal, the apparel of the staff in a dynamic concept. From children's restaurant with wood paneling that recreate the colorful "Toyland" takes you into the belly of the whale and led by animators begins the discovery of a world of games and organic and balanced food, but also fantastic shapes of the characters and places of fable eaten in the time of a wonderful story. In the afternoon there will be a cookery workshop for children, inspired by the creative manipulation of food and other materials and theatrical expression. Passing from the Gambero Rosso Inn, light and airy a bit retro like the mythical tale of the Tavern with a menu that makes the return to the essence of traditional flavors his strength, we end to the Gatto e la Volpe, dynamic bar where reigns the wood worked with love  by Geppetto. The Pinocchio Inn is taste and gaming, entertainment and carefree, to give a message of joy but it is especially attention to the needs of family and values in a logic of quality. This fantasy world - a model to be replicated, according to the draft franchise - is proposed as an alternative to burgers and fries the big American chains.


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