Restaurants in Puglia? Long live the magic!

Among the restaurants in Puglia, three small suggestions: Il Poeta Contadino of Leonardo Marco, Da Umberto in Otranto and Osteria Corteinfiore in Trani. Word of magician.
At times, wandering aimlessly among the restaurants in Puglia, you can reach places where reality is transformed into magic. The Puglia pantry isolated worlds, where secret alchemy, Druids cooks and followers of Diana pass on culinary spell. In the Itria Valley resides the templar Chef Leonardo Marco. Paladin author of Il Poeta Contadino in Alberobello, mix the chemistry and the baroque with a sacred sword. The Puree of beans with Cavatelli and seafood is unique transforming the peasant in a poet. (www.ilpoetacontadino.it)This is magic. The sea instead gives hospitality to a wise druid, in the ancestral refuge Da Umberto in Otranto (www.daumberto.it). Head of a family of a new generation of wizards, Umberto is a sorcerer unaware that reveals to a few the secret of his potion-risotto with seawater. This is supernatural. The Osteria Corteinfiore in Trani (www.corteinfiore.it) is a place completely green, in which the followers of huntress Diana live in nature. Michele Matera, Francesco di Perna and Giuseppe Sciancalepore deify the Shrimp steamed on strawberry jam and thyme. That's a spell. Photo of Nicoletta Tavella taken from the blog La Cucina del Sole (site)


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