Restaurants in Naples? Taverna Estia 100%

Among the restaurants in Naples, the Taverna Estia of Brusciano Mario and Francesco Sposito conquer the souls of the guests with their exciting Neapolitan cuisine.
Still amazed by the full delights of the Vico Party 2010, my heart goes to Bruschi (NA), where the brothers Mario and Francesco Sposìto gave birth to the romantic Taverna Estia (www.tavernaestia.it). Unthinkable among the restaurants in Naples, in a Naples suburb as free-range and difficult, this inn gourmet burst elegance from all depths, thanks to the hard work of Mario. Guinness World Record holder in "speed of donning a suit before a customer knocks on the door," Mario Sposìto educates the consumer between vertical of French wines and bottles from Campania wineries. In the kitchen, there is Francis, his brother and godfather of formidable culinary activities. His young imagination makes the “mozzarella in a carriage” a cataclysm of flavors, the Cod Crème brûlée away stereotypes of creative cooking to adventure the palate in a surprise of taste. The Bignè al nero (or Pietra Vesuviana) is a volcanic game, where the typical cake is fried and revised in color due to the black of the sepia; the ricotta is emulsified and the roasted peppers at the outside complete the funny taste. And here comes the Sorrento directly into the nostrils: Vialone Risotto with creamy vanilla-lemon jam, raw shrimp and clams, pistachio of Bronte oil. I think for a few minutes my soul has traveled, and "lemon" with the goddess Goodness in person; a real jolt comes from the sincere expressivity and emotionality of the Campania citrus, from the sweetness of fresh shellfish and from the marine salinity of the bivalve mollusks of the Veneridae family. To close another jolt in Taverna Estia: Amarelli licorice Parfait, candied pumpkin with vanilla and almond crisp. Outstanding. Francesco Sposìto was the youngest Italian to gird laurels Michelin. Meanwhile, Mario, the sage sommelier, not stands by and brings a single label for the whole meal: Vigna del Vesuvio Volcano Lacryma Cristi Villa Dora. Exceptional encore.  All this without being able to taste the “Foie gras in carriage”. Unforgivable oversight, but will catch up soon.


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