Restaurants in Brianza? The creative cuisine of Pomiroeu

Brianza Restaurants: The Osteria del Pomireu of Giancarlo Morelli
Around Brianza looking for restaurants, so passionately and looking for a creative cuisine that meets the love of the land. The research? Restaurants in Brianza, in Seregno, for a tasty Brianza and good venison. The Osteria del Pomireu of Giancarlo Morelli is the most likely gourmet answer that may leave from the heart of Brianza. It is a chef who worked with the genes of French nouvelle cuisine, the Troisgros brothers; is a cook who started as a teenager to feel the smell of kitchens. A legendary safety that is never compromised. His Osteria del Pomiroeu (www.pomiroeu.it) ranging from foie gras pralines crusted with pistachios and tripe stewed with titbit of musetto and mustard, from venison stew with chocolate xocopili with marjoram polenta  to the glazed pork roast with thistle Gobbi, peppers "piquillo" and walnuts cream. A tasting menu, without false glorification. Cooking is an art game that man has been handed down for millennia, from the first Neanderthal bite. Giancarlo Morelli emphasizes moderation in his recipes: meat on meat, seasonal vegetables even if strictly decorations, with lettuce to give the green color to the plate. The cooking game also means shaping a truly exceptional dish: Cream of foie gras and apple ravioli with pigeon fricassee. The flavor of this recipe clings to the palate and makes happy every single sip. It is basically a soup of foie gras, delicate and innovative. Giancarlo Morelli really deserves his Michelin star, won this year after years of laborious and dedicated hard work in the kitchen. Are you looking for restaurants in Brianza, between tradition and creativity? Osteria del Pomiroeu, without doubt.


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