Restaurants in Aquila? Magione papale!

"Magione papale" is a completely new structure that includes two restaurants, a gourmet and a typical Abruzzo kitchen, and a hotel in Aquila
A few months after the earthquake that struck the capital of Abruzzo, it opens a completely new structure, not far from the historic center, the “Magione papale”, a country estate that includes a gourmet restaurant and a more traditional one. The breath of fresh air comes from the creator of all that, chef William Zonfa, who tells us the origin and execution of the project. Before the tragic event that occurred in April 2009, William Zonfa worked in a restaurant in the center of Aquila, which is now closed, either because the building is not fit for use - as the roof collapsed inside the building - both because the city's historic center is the red zone. In the period after the earthquake, for six months, the chef moved to Ischia where he worked at “Il Mosaico”, waiting for the completion of the structure that now houses the “Magione papale”, a complex remained unscathed despite being 500 m from the hardest-hit area in the city. On July 8th was opened this residence with large garden, which is now perceived as something new, as a symbol of rebirth. “Magione papale” is the only restaurant that opened after the earthquake that is not a reassembly of old restaurants, but that is a green island that offers those who went there the opportunity to enjoy moments of peace and serenity, taking advantage of the property at 100%, also of the hotel over the restaurant. The project was approached as a challenge: the inhabitants of Aquila not favored the "haute cuisine", but have always preferred a more traditional kitchen. So for William Zonfa was a challenge to spread a restaurant concept that does not match well with Aquila, to open a gourmet restaurant that already gives satisfaction to his personal manager. The “Magione papale” is a double point of reference, which collects inside the gourmet restaurant and that of traditional cuisine, offering a wide choice to a diverse audience who decide to spend a different time from what now addresses the capital Abruzzo. www.magionepapale.it


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