Restaurants Gargano? The Porta di Basso of Domenico Cilenti

Among the restaurants in Gargano and Puglia, the Porta di Basso of Domenico Cilenti can move and hit, among ingredients of the area and fervent imagination.
Among the restaurants in Gargano and Puglia, the Porta di Basso in Peschici of the chef Domenico Cilenti looks set to increasingly sophisticated culinary laurels. I arrived with my hungry and affable family, and the stroller with my daughter is beautifully positioned facing a large window overlooking the sea. Breathtaking views for my baby! Aside the gossip, it arrive a sealed envelope with Carpaccio of red shrimp marinated in citrus: seems to discard the shell of a large citrus-fishy sweet. I feel the egg of a lobster and the lime. Exceptional marinating.The variation of mackerel and anchovies makes me active and psychoactive, because I see and taste these two varieties of blue fish in all their Gargano variations: mackerel marinated with Salicornia seaweed, mackerel marinated with Apricena ham, marinated anchovies in Bombino wine with crunchy cabbage and almonds, fried anchovies in batter with butter and tomato jam. My ego screams of pleasure, a through salt trip in the depths, with combinations almost suggested by the nature itself. Then the squid with eggplant sweet and sour, shrimp potato and butter, shrimp with mashed potatoes, chicory and shrimp: superhuman raw material, why the shrimp did not choose to live before in a field of chicory? Not satisfied, Domenico Cilenti hands me a vinegary bonbon, a Bag of Lampascioni onions and amberjack. I'm just having fun; it's a shame that my baby cannot taste these treats. The time of the first course: Black Ravioli with chicory and sea bass, squid and sea urchin. Delicate and enveloping as a secret kiss between teenagers in a boat. Second first course: homemade macaroni with sea urchins: I made love with the dish. My tasting companion looks at me fearfully, and then I recomposed and I get a delicious Monkfish stew. The Adriatic Sea and its creatures have touched the stars. Finally a plum sorbet and a tasting of two great spirits of Daunia: myrtle liqueur (myrtle of Gargano) and the bay liqueur. My brain needs a cake but my stomach denies it; then comes forward my sweet half and sacrifices herself with a Mash of cooked pears and figs. Amazing dinner on the cliffs of Peschici: Ladies and gentlemen, the Porta di Basso of Domenico Cilentiwww.portadibasso.it


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