Renata Santin and the Antica Osteria del Ponte

Antica Osteria del Ponte of the spouses Santin born from a dream of Ezio and from the great love of Renata for her husband
While choosing to stay in the shadow of "his great Ezio" Renata is the director and the spring of all. The Restaurant Antica Osteria del Ponte, located just outside Milan, in Cassinetta Lugagnano, arose from the hidden desire of Ezio and his wife Renata, with its feminine sensibility; she realized and then made sure that would materialize this dream. Ezio has always had a strong passion for cooking - to strike the spark was Franco Colombani, the owner of " Soleo di Maleo ", great chef and their close friend - since the years when the couple owned a “coffee boutique" and, despite the fact that activity went well, Renata realized that her husband had another dream. In 1975 the Santin hear about the sale of a beautiful house overlooking the historic Lombard Naviglio Grande: when they go to visit the place both fall in love and Renata, seeing the eyes of her husband shine, begins the story of the fantastic Antica Osteria del Ponte. They begin with love and passion, the excitement of an adventure together. After the restructuring of the local and an internship of three months in France to learn the job – he the profession of chef and she the profession of “landlady” - opened the restaurant in 1976. Antica Osteria del Ponte now has a great success, so here comes the critics, from Raspelli to Veronelli, who positively reviewed the restaurant. Today the restaurant is a temple of gastronomy with two Michelin stars, 3 stars Veronelli, 2 forks Gambero Rosso and 2 hats Espresso. It is also the realm of Renata and Ezio Santin. Info: www.anticaosteriadelponte.it


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