Regional Cuisine between North and South

In August, the restaurant Orso Grigio (in Trentino) the South Tyrolean cuisine meets Sicilian cuisine under the hands of two chefs Cristian Bertol and Andrea Matranga
Among Andrea Matranga and Cristian Bertol is a fraternal friendship, dating back to their meeting in the television program "La prova del cuoco". The link between the two opposite colleagues - opposed from by the geographical origin, one from Sicily and the other hot from the sharp, as its mountains, Altoadige - has deepened over the years, thanks to the respect that Matranga has, from always, to Bertol. Hence arose the idea of collaborating, the whole month of August 2010, at four hands in the home of Bertol, the Orso Grigio Restaurant in Trentino, creating a techno-emotional cuisine. This cooperation will lead to food contamination between North and South, South Tyrolean cuisine and Sicily cuisine, between technique and emotion, between rigor and seduction. The Palermo Chef Andrea Matranga has revealed a preview of the dishes of this meeting and contamination experience between two major regional cuisines: "Addisìu", hoping that the dish will inspire the "desire" to taste it. The dish consists of: Marinated Char with Moscato grappa, herbs, Sicilian fennel and extra virgin Sicilian olive oil "Aghatae" produced by F.lli April (www.fratelliaprile.it). Will be served with an iced lemon and salt of Mothia and served with a tartare of Val di Non apples, celery, rhubarb, almonds of Avola seasoned with honey of carrubo and finally sprayed with extra virgin olive oil "274 °" F.lli April. www.andreamatranga.blogspot.com www.orsogrigio.it


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