Recovery area for Italian wine

Evening at Palazzo Arese Borromeo, at Cesano Maderno, to talk about Italian wine and recovery of regional and local grape varieties
In the historic Palazzo Borromeo Arese - welcome in the luxurious hotel - Cesano Maderno, was presented Thursday, September 16, 2010 an exciting project for the recovery of grape varieties (such as indigenous croatina, the vespolina) through which, in a not too distant past (end of 800s, before the arrival of phylloxera), Italian wine was produced in the areas studied (high plains of Milan and Brianza). The revaluation of the cellars, of the ice house and of the wine merchant within the beautiful historic setting, combined with a careful historical study of the vineyards of Brianza, represent the beginning of a path to support the unprecedented blend of culture, history and wine, whose aim is to rediscover and re-enacting the past to show it in a future recovery. To support this project and present at the event:
  • The vinauta, e-commerce portal, linked to the world of wine, but not only. The main purpose is to promote unmediated knowledge of the product, Italian or foreign wine.
  • Luca De Marchi, Property Sperino, manufacturer of Lessona DOC, Grapes, Coste della Sesia DOC; exemplary case for the recovery of local vineyards and wine production, which occurred in the late 90s.
  • Alma, cooking school, as a supporter of the ambitious project Alma Wine Academy, the international training center dedicated to wine.
  • Renato Brancaleoni, “Fossa dell’abbondanza“, aged cheese producer and refiner. Excellent food, the cheese, to match the wine tasting.


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