Pure Komachi Japanese Knives

The Pure Komachi knives: Japanese knives with the steel blade having high levels of carbon
The Pure Komachi knives by Kai, Japanese knives, are kitchen utensils considered among the best on the market: they have the advantage of exploiting the positive characteristics of ceramics, avoiding negative ones such as fragility and difficulty to maintain. Very sharp and strong, have the steel blade having high levels of carbon coated with a colored synthetic material that prevents the oxidation of food that comes from food contact with steel.  The series features the “sandwich” Shun blade, comprising a middle layer of super steel with high levels of cobalt and by two side cheeks of  "damask" steel obtained from a cable compound of strands of different steels. This particular work exploits the experience of master craftsmen who made the swords of the Samurai, accompanied with the modern technology. Info:    www.coltelleriemilanesi.it


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