Paolo Massobrio and Golosaria 2010

Interview with Paolo Massobrio to steal origin and secrets of one of the most important Italian wine and food events, Golosaria 2010.
The food and wine journalist Paolo Massobrio reveals to ItaliaSquisita how was born Golosaria, and the secrets and the most interesting events of this event. Between Milan and Turin Golosaria has grown in recent years, thanks mainly to the expertise offered in the content of Golosario and in the GuidaCritica&Golosa of  Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti. Their imprint is simple and direct: the “best and healthy” for everyone, families in the first place! But let us hear his own words what it means to think, grow and hyperbolize such an important project between the food and wine events such as Golosaria 2010. Many thanks to Paolo Massobrio and his appointment from 6 to 8 November 2010! When and why did the idea of Golosaria born? When we found out that around this work of discovery of the territories shown on Golosario there were worlds that wanted to meet: consumers wanted to know the faces and stories of the producers and at the same time the restaurateurs were seeking this authenticity. Golosaria has become the meeting place, in Milan and Turin, as a way to browse a living book. Why Milan as the head office? The head offices are actually two: Milan and Turin. And they are the two cities where we have introduced nine years ago in Milan and 19 years ago in Turin the GuidaCritica&Golosa. But the time of the presentation was so involved that we decided to open it to the public and for several days. Some rarity or particular event within Golosaria 2010? Meanwhile, the area "Coeur in man", dedicated to those social reality that have chosen the taste as element of education and redemption of people undergoing. But at Golosaria will be talked also about the relevance of responsible drinking and breakfast with seasonal ingredients, to the kitchen keeping in mind the dilemma of waste. Then there are the 100 best Italian wines chosen within nine years with Marco Gatti, the beer hall, which is new this year, the forum for sparkling wines and the lounge area of Lombardy with the traditional dishes of six provinces of Lombardy who use this opportunity to codify a tradition or to present some new features, such as dried beef meat breed Varzese from the province of Milan and much more. You take care of "gastro" and Marco Gatti of "wine"? No, we are colleagues in everything, but we are especially friends in life and work and for this we have great fun when we create an event or imagine our books. I believe that at the basis of the response that Golosaria get every year there is this friendship that is a sense of positivity that we would like to pass on to others. Can you explain in three lines what is the Papillon Club? It is a consumer movement that believes that the taste is something important. And so they want to know it, because knowing this positive, beautiful feature, one begins to learn more about ourselves, our origin. It's the same reason that the social work chooses this tool to retrieve human dignity. Our concern is to help the family to take seriously this aspect, which is not a factor for the rich or poor, but a fact, that you can learn more deeply than the superficial way in which some advertising gives its products. The best restaurant in Lombard according to your trained taste buds? If I think to the experience of this year, my heart beats for Mantua and its province. I rediscovered the sumptuousness of the Ambasciata di Quistello kitchen, which is an experience that deserves to have at least once in your life!


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